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  • Times Production Limited was established in 1996 and has engaged actively mainly in film production and

    distribution. Since its establishment, the Company has been closely involved in producing and distributing

    high-quality films and TV Serials, the total number of which amount to over 80.  And, we have also made more          

    than 40 co-production movies with investors in mainland China.


  • With the recent strong international interest in movies and large-scale HDTV Serials of China/Hong Kong/Taiwan

    co-productions and the Hong Kong Government’s initiatives in promoting HK movies, Times Production Ltd. is ideally placed its position in a newly vibrant film industry. Looking to the future, we will continue to innovate on and diversify our strategies in producing and distributing productions to explore the China market to attain a win-win gain. Recently, in order that we can meet the ever changing market in this new century, we have focused on global distribution of various digital titles, like 'Pandamen' by Jay Chou and  'The Patriot Yue Fei' by Huang Xiaoming, with Guk Gaau Leung as Director and Stanley Tong as Executive Producer, to overseas markets to cope with the development trend in this digital 21st century.  


    Being the Executive Producer. maker and distributor in movies:


    飛虎精英之人間有情(The Best Of The Best)、富貴狂花 (Lamb Killer)、的士判官(Taxi Hunter)、拆彈專家之寶貝炸彈 (Bomb Disposal Officer – Baby Bomb) 、一線生機 (A Gleam Of Hope)、新房客 (New Tenant)、殺手三分半鐘 (The Killer Has No Return)、金田一手稿之奇異檔案 (Mystery Files)、借錢專家 (Top Borrower)、完全摧花手冊 (Killing Me Hardly)、夜半三點鐘 (3:00 am)、喜氣逼人 (Happy Together)、詭計 (Wipe Out)、反骨仔 (Ungrateful Tink)、黑血 (Black Blood)、亡命之逃 (Ransom Express)、火遮眼 (Guilty Or Not)、人肉玩具 (A Lamb in Despair)、山村老屍 (A Wicked Ghost)、山村老屍Ⅱ(The Wicked GhostⅡ-The Fear)、陰風耳 (Sound From The Dark)、Q畸戀人(Queenie & King The Lovers)、改正歸邪 (Return To Dark)、趕屍先生 (Vampire Controller)、狙擊目標 (The Assailant)、藍寶石指環 (Following You Loving You)、拜錯神 (Deals With The Dark)、流氓經紀 (A Rascal Agent)、五個墮落的男女(We're not the worst)、野獸特警2003 (A fight to the finish)、天使死神(The Dark Side Of My Mind), etc.


    The main role actress Miss Sammi Cheng was nominated for 'The Best New Performer Award' for the film 'The Best of The Best'〈飛虎精英之人間有情〉and Mr Tony Leung Hung Wah was nominated for 'The Most Innovative Producer Award' for the film 'New Tenant〈新房客〉'.


    Re movie 'A Wicked Ghost'〈山村老屍)directed by Mr Tony Leung Hung Wah,  eligible Tokyo, Pusan International Film Festival FIPRESCI and senior judge Mr. Wang Xudong published a book in October 2011 as the "Lifetime must-see 44 classic Horror Movies ".



    Participating in making TV Serials:
    〈中國第一神探〉(The First Detective In China),〈女人心目中的他〉 (He & She),〈素女傳奇 之八仙賀歲〉(Story of Su Nu), etc.。


    2005-2006 movie productions for global distribution:
    〈PTU女警之偶然陷阱〉(PTU File-Death Trap),〈飄移凶間〉 (Demoniac Flash),〈魔幻賭船〉 (A Wondrous Bet) ,〈半邊靈〉(Half Twin),〈寄生人〉(Sweet Revenge), etc.


    Movie 'Sweet Revenge'〈寄生人〉was selected as The 9th Taipei Film Festival 2007
    'Global Chinese Cinerama' 2007.

    2007-2011movie productions for distribution:
    〈恐懼元素〉(Fear Factors),〈黑道之無悔今生〉 (The Sparkle in the Dark),〈藍月戀曲〉 (Blue Moon Story) and TV Serial〈大城市小浪漫〉(Romances in Big Cities), etc.


    Sole and Exclusive Overseas Distributor:

    HDTV Serial 'Pandamen'〈熊貓人) with Jay Chou as Director and Actor。   



    Sole and Exclusive Overseas Distributor:


    Large-scale Historic Warfare HDTV Serial 'The Patriot Yue Fei'〈精忠岳飛〉, by Huang Xiaoming with Guk Gaau Leung as Director (Water Margin 2010) and Stanley Tong as Executive Producer.


    2013-2014 Movie Production and Distribution:

    Movie 'Probation Order' 〈澀青298-03 〉.  


    2015-2017 Movie Production and Distribution:

     Movie 'Impossible is Possible'〈舞可能 〉and  Movie 'With Prisoners'〈同囚 〉;Movie 'With Prisoners' 〈同囚 〉is awarded "World Film Awards 2017, Indonesia - Platinum Award" and "New York Asian Film Festival 2017 - Official Selection and Audience Awards"。


    2017-2018 Movie Production and Distribution:

    Movie 'We Are Legends'〈入鐵籠 〉。




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