The Sparkle in the Dark

Production Year: 2007

Cast: Kenny Kwan, Deep Ng, Mandy Chiang
Genre: Triad Dramatic


One night about twelve years ago, a big lorry crashed into the house of Siu Ho with high speed accidentally. Siu Ho’s home disappeared in just a while. Siu Ho was the only survivor. However, the pain of being alone has deeply hurt him. To him, remaining alive seemed to be a punishment.

Siu Ho has grown into another person. He is peculiar and fierce. Until one day, he meets a man who has changed his life. This man calls himself as a private soldier’.

'Private Soldier’ lives in a walled village at the suburbs. He has kept some people who have been ignored by the community. And, a co-worker in the walled village, Mei Ting, has been taking good care of Siu Ho as he has contracted asthma. The two of them have become lovers.

However, there is a boy called Ah Wang in the village. When he was only nine, he used a knife to hurt people. He is rebellious and violent. The appearance of Siu Ho seems to be his immediate opponent. Moreover, another triad member named “Lang Pi”, a wicked and dangerous man, has also come to stay in the village to avoid his enemies......