Fear Factors

Production Year: 2007


Director: Cousin Mak
Cast: Candy Lo, Chang Tzu Yao, Kno Tang Yu, Liu Shu Ting
Genre: Thriller


Subconscious’s impact on people is very sharp, which can lead to uncontrolled forced urges.  And, fear can kill...

In a closed room with some dim light at the suburbs,  a man and a woman are lying on the floor.  They are in a coma.  And, there is a small knife stabbed into the stomach of the man.

The woman wakes up. She finds that the door is locked. From the crack between the door and its frame, she finds a door key on the ground outside.  However, she fails to get the key .The man finally awakes.  With much fear, he feels pain......

(2)Crazy Analysis

Director: Wong Ka Fai
Cast: Terence Yin, Tiffany Li, Hui Siu Hung
Genre: Thriller


One carries out an experiment which eventually turns out to be an experiment upon oneself. Tin King works at the butcher’s.  However, he doesn’t like cutting meat, he likes to cut men.

One day, he receives a long distance call.  He is told his uncle Yim Sing,  a biological research worker in China, died suddenly.  He left Tin King a factory.

King arrives at the factory.  It is an abandoned factory.  When he goes inside, it gives him a feeling of horror. Suddenly, he sees a girl dressed in white!  He is shocked.  Later, he discovers that the girl in white is not a ghost.  She is blind, deaf and dumb, yet she is beautiful.  He wants to molest her......