Sweet Revenge

Production Year: 2007

Official Selection - 9th Taipei Film Festival 2007 ”Global Chinese Cinerama” 2007...

Director: Ho Ping
Cast: Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Anthony Wong, Fan Bingbing
Genre: A thriller


Pure as driven snow and in the prime of youth, Cheung Yung has yet to taste the fruits of passion before she is embraced by death. Mr. Ching has lost everything dear to him. There’s nothing left to lose except his life. Two lovelorn people living under the shadow of death find solace in a promise to fulfill each other’s dying wishes – to have a one-time romance.

However, through a twist of fate, Cheung Yung uncovers the identity of her parents’ murderer, who indirectly caused her terminal illness. Even stronger than the hunger for love, is the thirst for revenge. She alters the terms of her pact with Mr. Ching and sets in motion a chain of events that leads to a tense and fatal confrontation with her nemesis.

Unlike Cheung Yung and Mr. Ching, Cheung Siu Chun savors every moment in his life. A healthy, motivated professional, he derives satisfaction from helping those in need. His greatest source of happiness is his gorgeous and loving wife Ho Lok. If there’s a blemish in his otherwise perfect life, it is a crime he committed in hot blood as a juvenile. But blood will have blood, and it is Cheung Yung who finds herself the agent of her family’s inexorable scheme of vengeance, which extends beyond the grave. After discovering that she has been sleeping with the enemy, can Ho Lok make the painful choice between love and justice?