A Wondrous Bet

Production Year: 2005

Director: Leung Hung Wah
Cast: Eric Tsang, Loletta Lee, Nicola Cheung, Stephanie Wang, Kawaii Wong, Viann Liang, @EO2
Genre:A magical story


Three persons, not knowing each other, meet on a ship, that’s how this fantastic story begins.

Ka Ka is looking for her boyfriend Ma Sum on the ship.  She suspects he has boarded the ship to meet a girl named ‘Man’.  She hates Sum for not being loyal to her and wants to kill them! .....Yet, when Ka Ka finds out that this is just a misunderstanding, she regains trust in love.

Danny is a mercenary insurance agent.  He has won great money in gambling on the ship.  He is so happy that he gets fainted on the floor ..... Suddenly, he sees his soul leaving his body and death seems to be so close to him.  Danny is terrified and realizes money cannot buy peace.

Ha Suet is suffering from cancer.  She supposes Ka Ka is a devil who has come to kill her.  She is down-hearted and decides to kill herself.  However, a young girl appears and stops her from so-doing. Suet gradually knows life is worth living.......