Demoniac Flash

Production Year: 2005

Director: Leung Hung Wah
Cast: Anthony Wong, Sam Lee, Nicola Cheung Wong Hop Hei, Hung Tin Ming, Chu Wing Tong, , Ng Man Yan, ‘Life is Beautiful’ Elise Liao, Bella Zhang
Genre: A thriller


Siu Ai, Tsz Mau and Tsz Sau are inside the Rose Villas.  They come to know a comic dramatist, Mui, an introvert and Mo Chi Kin, who is paralysed in both legs.

Mo had witnessed the death of his son in a car accident which left him paralysed afterwards.   He has a blind wife, yet they love each other.  Mo has acquainted with Lai, it’s because both Lai and his son liked ‘Donald Duck’, yet Mrs Mo does not like Lai...

Mo has nightmares every night.  In his dream, he saw Lai falling off a building.  To his surprise, Lai died suddenly later on and Mo finds that Lai has a twin sister named Siu Ai. However, Mrs Mo hates Siu Ai ...

His neighbour, Mui, seldom goes out.  She always has nightmares about a person in a white patterned-shirt being killed with a knife.  On the birthday of Mui, she meets two wanted persons Wah Wai and Wah Ming.  They are brothers who have escaped into her home, yet in horror, Mui has killed Wah Ming.  Wah Wai wants to take a revenge.  Mui finds that Wah Wai’s knife was the one she saw in her dreams.  And, Mui ‘s white shirt has been stained with coloured patches, it being changed into a white patterned-shirt......