The King of Wrestlers

Production Year: 2005

Director: James Ha
Cast: Sang Weilin (the male leading role of ‘Xanda’ produced by Tsui Hark, Shantung Province ‘Xanda’ Champion, PRC Armed Forces ‘Xanda’ Champion),Lin Quan (the female leading role of ‘Wudang’, PRC Chinese Martial Arts ‘Changquan’ Champion, as a judge in a New York Martial Arts Competition),Zhao Yi (a famous actor),WIT YING (a Thai Wrestling Champion, the male leading role of Thai films),STEFAN MORAWIETZ (German Martial Arts All-RoundChampion),Chan Chi Leung (four times as Mr Malaysia, three times as Mr Asia and Mr Hong Kong),Tsui Po Wah (Martial Arts Instructor in HK films, Director/Martial Arts Instructor in various foreign action films)
Genre: An Action film


Law Wai Sun, nicknamed as ‘the king of fisticuffs’, an overseas Chinese in Thailand, is famous in the streets for being quick at using fists.  He takes fisticuffs as an art.  Knowing that Shing Chi, a HK talent, has withdrawn from the fisticuffs sector to China, he decides to look for Shing Chi.

In China, Sun meets Fan, a greedy girl.  She takes him to a bar.  The bar’s proprietor Hung Keung’s brother, Hung Lik, is ill-treating the customers.  Fan gets Sun to help them out.

Shing Chi always drinks liquor to forget his unhappiness.  As he owes Lik money, Lik forces him to fight with Sun.  Lik wants to earn a great sum from the fistfight gambling, yet Fan has destroyed his plan......