Loss of Memory

Production Year: 2004

Director: Wong Ka Fai
Cast:Simon Lui, Ng Man Yan, Hong Wah
Genre:An inferential film


In a thunderstorm night, a man runs out from a big house.  He drives a motorcycle away.  A girl, Au Yee, is chasing after him, yet, later on, the man’s motorcycle hits against a tree!

The man, Lau Hung, is in hospital.  Au Yee claims to be his wife.  Hung has lost his memory.  His face is badly hurt and he has to wear a mask.  Yee shows him their wedding photo, yet Hung cannot recognize himself…

His colleague, Mei Ling, comes to visit him.  While nobody is in, she seduces Hung and tells him her sexual relationship with him.

Hung finds his name on a receipt issued by a detective co.  He speaks to a detective Fong who discloses that before his loss of memory, Hung had asked him to trace  Yee as he suspects her loyalty to him.  The adulterer is Tang Leong, a bar proprietor…