Loving You is Wrong

Production Year: 2004

Director: Nam Chi Wai
Cast: Law Ka Ying, Lai Yiu Cheung, Law Lan
Genre: City comedy


A waiter Li Chi Kong and a clerk Fong Lai are arranging their wedding.  Kong asks his mother Chan Ling to help them, yet Lai and Chan Ling have completely different views as to the wedding ceremony.  Kong has acted as a go-between.

One day, Kong sees an abandoned dog in a park.  He brings it home and names it as Little Kong.  However, Lai has an allergic rhinitis and wants to get rid of it, but, Ling wants to keep the dog.

Little Kong is extremely naughty and Ling feels upset about it.  So, Kong has to bring it to office.  On this account, he is fired.  And, Fong cancels her marriage with Kong.

One day, Little Kong bites someone.  The person sues Kong for compensation and Kong has lost a great sum of money.  Ling scolds Kong and moves to live with Lai.

Kong is carrying Little Kong and is happy that Kong is still with him.  Unexpectedly, a rich little girl passes by and plays with it …

Kong sees a de luxe saloon travelling past and Little Kong is barking at him in the car’s rear compartment.  It seems that it is saying goodbye to him. Meanwhile, Kong suddenly realizes that it is wrong to love a dog as it is not a right target.