A Night Surprise

Production Year: 2004

Director: Wong Ka Fai
Cast: Tse Kwan Ho, Ng Man Yan, Hui Shiu Hung
Genre: A wondrous story


A totally blind man, Chan Muk Kin, is released from prison.  He wants to turn over a new leaf.

This night, he finds some men flirting with a drunken woman Li Chun Mei.  Kin has successfully rescued Mei ….  The two of them stay together for the night. … The next day, Kin cannot find Mei and has failed to see her again ….

A year has past, Kin finds a baby boy at his doorway.  There is a letter beside the baby.  In the letter, it is written, “Your son”.
Kin names his son as Chan Shek Long.

One night, a girl Fong came to look for Kin.  She told Kin that Shek Long’s mother wanted to have him back.  Chan has learnt that Fong is Mei’s good friend and Mei is a very rich man’s wife.

However, Tong has discovered the matter.  He sends some rascals to fetch Shek Long as he wants to sell him to Thailand.  If Mei goes to find Kin, he will not take her as his wife again. Seeing that his son is taken away, Kin decides to......