The Marksman

Production Year: 2004
  Director: Wong Ka Fai

Cast: Jade Leung, Hung Tin Ming, Chung Lai Kei
Genre: Dramatic


Chau Chi Kwan, aged 19, has been forbidden to touch any gun-related things since he was young. It’s his father Chau Fai ‘s order. Yet, Kwan loves shooting. He has won praises from a famous shooting instructress, Tsui Wan, for his fine performance.

Later on, Wan discovers that Kwan’s father Chau Fai is the well-known marksman ‘Chau Ho Fai’.

In fact, Chau Fai thinks he neglected his wife and son in the past.  In an argument with his wife, he shot his wife dead accidentally.  So, Fai has  strongly advised his son not to take his path. Kwan and Wan begged Fai repeatedly for allowing Kwan to take part in a shooting match.  Eventually, Fai agreed.

Kwan finds that he cannot bear the pressure the match brings.  He goes to a remote village to hide himself away.  Luckily, he meets his old classmate, Man.  She tells him not to care about the result too much and encourages him to put every effort in his practice, enjoy the course of the match and the great fun of shooting.The shooting match is approaching, Kwan decides to take part in the match again......