Midnight fantasy

Production Year: 2004
  Director: Nam Chi Wai

Cast: Ng Kai Wah, Ng Man Yan, Lai Yiu Cheung
Genre: A fantastic comedy


Tung, a taxi-driver, is rushing to a gambling meeting.  In a hurry, he left his car key in his taxi.Sing has just been fired.  He decides to steal the car to have a ride to enjoy  himself.

A rich woman, Mrs Kim, gets into his car.  She requests Sing to have a meal with her and pays him money.  She does it purposely to arouse her husband’s  jealousy.  Kim thought that Sing was her boyfriend, so he sent his bodyguard to beat Sing up.

Sing returns to his taxi.  Suddenly, a girl, Man, comes to him with a bag of money in her hand.  Man says she is being chased after by her sister Mo.  Sing seizes her weapon and thinks everything is under his control.  To his surprise, the two sisters hit him together and he fainted.

When Sing wakes up, he repents having stolen the car.  While intending to return the car , a womanish man, Wah, boards the car.  He asks Sing to follow his lover.  After discovering his lover’s adulterous affair with somebody, he wants to jump into the sea to kill himself. Finally, Sing has rescued Wah and encourages him to live happily. Sing finds his mood is lightened by his good act.

After playing mahjong, Tung returns to see that his taxi has been badly damaged. In the end, he bitterly repents his gambling and decides not to get addicted to gambling again .