City Crisis

Production Year: 2004
  Director: Wong Ka Fai

Cast: Kathy Chau, Mark Cheng, Gabriel Harrison
Genre: Situation comedy


(The seven-year itch)

Wai and Ling have married for nearly 7 years.  They have no children.  Life to them has been ordinary and dull.

One night, Wai met Jenny in a pub.  Wai told Jenny that he was married and would be loyal to his wife.  Jenny admires Ling for having a good husband.  Yet, she likes Wai more......

(Doubts about Ling’s honesty)

Ling finds life boring.  She has joined a social dance class.  The tutor, George, pays special attention to Ling as he likes her…..
Wai suspects their relationship and decides to kick up a row at the dancing-place.  Wai finds that it is just a misunderstanding. As a result, Wai and Ling love each other more just like before......

(Evasion of responsibility as a father)

One day, Ling tells Wai that she is pregnant.  However, Wai has been evasive in taking a father’s responsibility.  

Unluckily, Wai got fired after expressing his disagreement with the love affairs of his boss…. And, meanwhile, Wai meets Jenny again in the pub one night......