Production Year: 2004
  Director:  Yip Wai Ying

Cast:  Mark Cheng, Tsui Kam Kong, Catherine Hung
Genre: An action film


Hung and Tiger are businessmen of wealth. They became acquainted when they were poor.  Recently, Hung and Tiger have made a one dollar bet.  Hung will ask his driver Chai to keep safely a key of a locker in a sauna parlour.  And, in three days, Tiger will send his bodyguard Sun to obtain the key in any way.  Yet, this cannot be reported to the police.

Chai tells this task to his girlfriend Elsie.  Elsie finds it suspicious.  Yet Chai believes Hung absolutely and does not want Elsie to make any wrong allegation against his boss.  One night, Elsie gets a photocopy of the key secretly.  Then, she uses a copy of the key to open the locker.  

Out of her expectation, it’s empty . Elsie tells Chai immediately. However, Chai does not suspect it, but to blame Elsie for so-doing. Elsie finds out Hung and Tiger will meet in the sauna parlour.  She disguises herself as a massagist and has heard of their one dollar bet.

Knowing Chai and Son will meet to have a fight, Elsie tells them it’s not worth fighting for the one dollar bet.  Finally, Chai and Son decides to play tricks back on their bosses