Stunning Revelation

Production Year: 2004
  Director:  Wong Ka Fai

Cast:  Andrew Lin, Nicola Cheung, Gabriel Harrison
Genre:  An inferential horror film


Aunt Poon is an old housekeeper of a residence.  The eldest daughter, Shuet, there has been missing for one year.

Poon Ming is the younger brother of Aunt Poon.  Both of them suspect that Shuet was killed by her husband Law Kit.  If they can confirm that the necklace, handed down from past generations, worn by Shuet before her disappearance is with Law Kit,  Law Kit is the murderer.  Being a big spender, Poon Ming has intended to seize the necklace which is worth over two million dollars.

Law Kit suddenly declares his marriage with Chi.  Shuet is the niece of Aunt Poon.  Aunt Poon blames Law Kit for marrying Shuet for money,. Yet Law Kit says Shuet had sex with somebody.

The gardener, Wu Lok, is a reporter.  He is making investigation into this case secretly.  He thinks probably Law Kit and Chi are the murderers as he knows Shuet and Chi were classmates in their university and Shuet had taken Chi’s first lover.

One night, wearing Shuet’s clothes and a wig, Chi frightens Poon Ming to death.  And, Poon Ming sees Shuet waving her hand to him in an illusion