Production Year: 2004
  Director: Yip Wai Ying

Cast: Cheung Tat Ming, Li Wai Man, Law Lan
Genre: An astonishing story


Ka Fai is a kind-hearted youth, yet he is extremely lazy.  He is unwilling to eat or use a lavatory.  Although he is a lazy-bones, his buddy Chun let him stay with him and affords his living.  

On his birthday, Ka Fai is waiting for Chun alone in a restaurant.  Suddenly, he has an illusion.  He sees that he got shot…  Later on, to his surprise, there is shooting between triads going on in the restaurant.  As shown in the illusion, a bullet goes straight to Ka Fai.  However, Chun comes at this moment. The bullet goes through Chun and causes his death.

A surgeon Mary finds Ka Fai’s body amazing.  Although Ka Fai is 35, his body functions just like an 18-year-old boy.  Mary thinks Ka Fai possesses a long-life ability, yet Ka Fai treats it as a joke.
Ka Fai gradually realizes his longlive power.  Although he has met a few accidents, he was not hurt but the others were hurt instead.  Ka Fai is not happy.  Knowing his laziness and making no contribution to the society, yet he is longlive.  So, he decides to take part in the social welfare activities to help the poor and the disabled.

One day, while repairing a roof-top for people, he falls from height, yet......