A Girl Boxer

Production Year: 2004
  Director: Wong Ka Fai

Cast: Hanabi Kim,Law Ka Ying, Leung Wing Chung, Ngai Chun Kit
Genre: A dramatic action film


Kin Fung and his girlfriend Tin Ha have been lovers for three years, yet Tin Ha refuses Fung’s proposal.  As Tin Ha’s father, So Yung, runs a boxing gymnasium to promote Chinese martial arts, Tin Ha’s boyfriend has to defeat him before he can marry her.  Fung does not know wushu, yet for Tin Ha, he comes to the boxing gymnasium to have a try.

An estate trader John wants to purchase the boxing gymnasium.  Tin Ha’s brother Tin Fai and his wife Kitman want to sell it for money, but his father rejects the offer.

John’s employee Lui challenges So Yung to a duel.  The two of them are hurt and the fight ended in a draw.

John does not give up but has planned to accuse Tin Fai’s daughter Fong for a compensation of two hundred thousand dollars.  Meanwhile, John also persuades Kitman to deceive Yung into signing the purchase document by not accusing her daughter.  Kitman gave way to the temptation but this is discovered by Fung.

Fung has successfully got back the gymnasium.  So, Yung promised his marriage with Tin Ha.  However, John forces them to sell the land and decides to get Lui to set  fire to the gymnasium......