A Decisive Move

Production Year: 2003
  Director: Wong Ka Fai

Cast: Kathy Chau, Wong Hop Hi, Law Ka Ying
Genre:An astonishing story

Ming and Mei Yee are lovers. They plan to save money and get married. One night, as Ming cannot catch the last bus, he discovers that Mei Yee and her colleague David are having sex. And, Ming has lost some important papers, so he is fired.

Ming feels depressed. Yet, Lui appears.  She makes Ming take a positive attitude towards life. They become lovers quickly. Unexpectedly, Lui’s brother Lee is the driver of that last bus…… Lee drives his car to see Ming. However, he loses control and hit Ming to death.

Time goes back......Ming catches the last bus.Then, Ming enters into the second dimensions of life.Ming and Lee become good friends instantly.He does not discover Mei Yee and David’s affair.  Ming has got promotion. He asks Mei Yee to marry him and Mei Yee chooses Ming.

However, one day before her marriage, Mei Yee refuses to marry Ming.
Lee hurried back in his car. Mei Yee and Ming are arguing. Lee has lost control and hit against Ming. At the critical moment, Lui throws herself at Ming and rescues Ming……