A Jealous Sister

Production Year: 2003
  Director: Yip Wai Ying

Cast:Wong Hop Hi, Hanabi Kim, Tsui Kam Kong, Yip Wan Yee
Genre:An inferential story


A bar waiter, Yung, meets Siu Mei.  He is attracted to her as she is gentle and beautiful.

One night, a girl Mona wearing heavy make-up comes to Yung’s bar. After getting drunk, she embraces Yung.  Mona looks very much like Siu Mei as they are twin sisters, yet their characters are extremely different.

Yung finds himself get lost between Siu Mei and Mona.

Yung’s buddy Cheung admires Yung.  Cheung dates Mona secretly.  However, he finds Mona is very moody and has a tendency towards violence.  He thinks she is a dangerous person.  Also, Siu Mei and Mona have never appeared at the same time, so he suspects that Siu Mei and Mona are one and the same person and Siu Mei possesses a double character.Three days later, Cheung was murdered.  The whereabouts of the killer is unknown.In a pouring wet night, Siu Mei suddenly comes to Yung and invites Yung to go to her home......