The key to Destiny

Production Year: 2003
  Director: Wong Ka Fai

Cast: Sam Lee, Hanabi Kim, Cheung Wai Yee, Lam Suet
Genre:A tender loving story


Wai is a university student.  This day she tells her boyfriend that she will part from him as she thinks he is not as good as her first lover.  Wah also admires Wai, yet he dares not approach her.

One day, Wai finds that her mother is quite sick.  She also discovers an unposted letter of her addressed to her first lover Ho. She thinks her mother still likes Ho and decides to arrange with Ho to meet at a pavilion two days later.

However, Wai ‘s mother let Wai see the letter as she wants Wai to understand that in spite of losing her first lover, she should forget the past as chances and happiness which she should treasure are before her today.  

Actually, the one she loves is her husband, Wai’s father.Ho goes to visit Wai’s mother in hospital secretly......