Snow falling from the sky of June

Production Year: 2003
  Director: Wong Ka Fai

Cast: Nicola Cheung, Lam Suet, Samuel Pang
Genre: Love Story


A charitable school is going to close down.Some eleven years ago, there were five orphans here, Wai Ming, Hak, Man Chau, Lok Wah and Siu Shuet.

Lok Wah decides to find the other four schoolmates. Lok Wah loves Hak, but she never shows it. Hak is unpredictable. He likes boxing.  After his wrist fractured in a race, he has become depressed and turned to be a street idler.

Man Chau loves fame and beauty. Seeing the luxuries in life, she has become another person.Siu Shuet is the youngest.She wants to be a movie star to make her parents repent for abandoning her.Wai Ming is keen to make money.Although he has committed crime, he wants to evade liability.

Lok Wah impresses Hak with her gentle and cheerful personality. She thinks Wai Ming is wrong. Man Chau likes Wai Ming. She tries to worsen the relationship between Siu Shuet and Lok Wah. Hak likes Lok Wah and repents for not revealing himself.  Hak has a fight with the boxer king so as to know the whereabouts of Lok Wah.  Suddenly, Hak appears in the school.  To Lok Wah, it is a miracle, same as having snow falling from the sky of June.  The two people embrace warmly.......