Money Kills

Production Year: 2003
  Director: Wong Ka Fai

Cast:Wong Hop Hi, Lam Suet, Elle Choi
Genre: Dramatic


In a small village, Kwan, a girl who likes liquor and gambling, Siu Hung and Tai Hung have known each other since they were little.  They are good friends.

One day, the three of them find a corpse and a bag with two million dollars in cash.  Kwan suggests keeping all the money for themselves.  After some argument, it is decided that the two brothers will hide the money away until the corpse is discovered and the identity is known.

Siu Hung tells his pregnant wife, Ellen, about it.  Undoubtedly, Ellen supports the plan.  The next day, when the brothers go to hide the money, they are seen by Fai, a greedy man.  In a struggle, they killed Fai unintentionally.

Fanny, a journalist, does not believe that his brother died accidentally and goes to make investigation in the village.

The corpse was confirmed to be a gangster. He had an accomplice with a gun. People try to get the wealth and begin to suspect each other......