The Runner

Production Year: 2003
  Director: Nam Chi Wai

Cast: Wong Hop Hi, Cheung Wai Yee, Lee Tze Hung
Genre: Dramatic


Lam Yan is in great debt and is taken as a robber by mistake.  Yet, he is afraid of being put in prison, so he decides to flee from the police.

Lam is hiding in a studio city under renovation.  He met Tiger, an injured culprit, who threatens to kill them all.

Ha Shuet, being a legal practitioner, thinks that fate is in her hands, yet her life now falls into a rascal’s hands.  Kuen is good at kung fu, but is betrayed by Tung.  Jenny was molested by Tiger. However, Shun was badly beaten up in protecting Jenny and she is impressed by the acts of the handicapped boy.

All people come to Lam for help.  Suddenly, Lam has become a hero.  Tiger wants to kill Lam first……