Fatal Training Course

Production Year: 2003
  Director: Nam Chi Wai

Cast:Sam Lee, Law Ka Ying, Karen Tong
Genre:A thriller


Six beginners of the faculty of performance are rehearsing a play ‘Behind the scene’.  They have performed badly, especially the part with screams.

They are invited to a party in a villa in the suburb to receive training on screaming.  

Housekeeper A specially reminds the students that a dangerous ‘mad’ man has escaped from a mental detention hospital at the bottom of the hill.  They suspect the truth of his statement, especially Luk and Tai Ling.

Later, they find the photos of Housekeeper B.  So, they confirm that Housekeeper A is a false one and believe that what has happened has been planned.  It is pouring.  Suddenly a sexy girl, Ching Chi, comes.

In late night, Maggie finds that Ching Chi is cutting Wong King, all of them scream out. Wong King and Ching Chi give them a winning smile.
Meanwhile, they hear some foot-steps.  The killer appears with a mask holding a heavy axe and chops Maggie to death.  All the people flee away.And arrow goes through Ching Chi’s breast and she falls down. All go down to the cellar......