The Son with Two Fathers

Production Year: 2003
  Director: Nam Chi Wai

Cast: Kenny Bee, Law Ka Ying, Lee Wai Man
Genre:A tender loving story


Although the South-east Asia has been suffering from a recession, the economic prosperity in China has been rising.  May works in Wong Wan bar and is Wong’s reliable assistant, so her husband Luk Li,is also Wong’s good friend.  Fanny Law, Wong’s wife, and Wong have no children, they take Luk’s son, Siu Ho, as their son.  Being a proud woman,Fanny does not quite like this as she is infertile.  

In a car accident,the hospital’s report shows Luk’s secret, he is infertile by birth.Luk loves May.  He tells Wong the matter.  Wong feels surprised.  Wong goes to ask May whether Siu Ho is his son.
May does not know Siu Ho is Wong’s son.

Luk is upset for his impotence .  He is also wondering about who is Siu Ho’s father.  He has got addicted to alcohol and hit May and Siu Ho after he got drunk.  Finally, Luk learns about Wong’s relationship with May and Luk decides to terminate his friendship with Wong immediately.

Luk is very angry and has mental disorder.  He kidnapps Siu Ho and Wong tries to save his own son from him......