The Dark Side Of My Mind

Production Year: 2003
  Director: Leung Hung Wah

Cast: Gigi Lai, Cecilia Yip, Wong Hei
Genre:An inferential thriller


A girl is being tortured to death by a sadist with a mask at home. It’s the third fatal rape case in the city this year.  The residents are in fear of their lives.  

Kent, a constable of District Crime Squad, firmly believes that the murderer of this chain of rape cases is the killer of his girlfriend.  He wants to take part in the investigation, yet he is refused as he has been moody.  The police cannot find out any connection between the three deceased girls, regarding age, background or appearance.  The modus operandi was also different in each case.  They even could not confirm that they are related to each other.  However, the fourth case occurred.  

The media puts pressure on the government to stop these happenings.  In a TV interview, a salesgirl working at a 7-Eleven convenience shop, Coco, expressed that the connection between the cases was that all the victims lived  alone.  Unluckily, Coco is the next target of the sadist. She is successful in fleeing from him......