A fight to the finish

Production Year: 2003
  Director: Leung Hung Wah

Cast: Michael Wong, Wong Hop Hi, Cheung Man Tsz, Jenny Yam, Lin Wai Kin
Genre:A dramatic action film

In a robbery operation, the culprits resisted arrest, killed people and held hostages in the building.  The police requested SDU to come to scene.

Team A, led by Mike, made a successful arrest of the culprits.  While Mike was persuading the culprits to put down their weapon, Moon shot the big brother of the culprits, James, dead as he thought that all those culprits deserved death.

This matter made Mike very unhappy and this has affected his friendship with Moon as Mike is considering whether to give evidence against him.

Moon’s younger sister, Sze, was killed suddenly.  Commander Mak of the police began to look into the murder.

The information has revealed that the murderers are Boy and his friend y-e, the wanted persons of the robbery case, and y-e is the sister of James, the killed big brother.   Mike and Moon feel uneasy about it.  Unluckily, three days later, Moon received a phone call from an unknown person who arranged a fight with Moon.  Finally, Moon was killed and the killers were confirmed to be Boy and y-e......