We’re not the Worst

Production Year: 2003
  Director: Leung Hung Wah

Cast: Sam Lee, Kathy Chau, Gabriel Harrison
Genre:A dramatic action film


Moon, a social worker, shows the kind and tender qualities of a mother.  She is always ready to forgive others, thus her clients just do what they like to do. It’s no good her treating them that way.

Lock likes to act as a judge.  He wants to join the Force as a police constable as a cop has the power to enforce the law.  However, with tattoo on the skin, he failed to do so.  He has made a forged police warrant card for himself.  He imagines that he is a judge doing what is morally right. One day, he got a gun, a real gun!

Dagger is the richest.  He thinks he himself is a professional killer, so he makes no other choice but to involve himself in crimes of violence.  To him, one should be killed if one has killed someone.

Sharks, a small character who wants to act big.  Without money, he indulges himself in sex services.  Being a timid fellow, he wants to be the big brother.  Thus, he had his body covered in tattoos to enhance his status.....