A Rascal Agent

Production Year: 2003
  Director: Leung Hung Wah

Cast: Jackie Lui, Wong Hop Hi, Lai Yiu Cheung, Karen Tong
Genre:Dramatic (TV Feature)


Sam Lok is a journal editor. He is a man of integrity. He always makes efforts to reveal matters of injustice in his magazine. That's why the sale rate of the magazine has been increasing. He offended the big brother of a gang and nearly lost his life. He wants to purchase an insurance, so he looks for Matthew. Matthew knew that Sam Lok made a wrong statement about a Form 5 school girl in a piece of writing causing her to commit suicide. Matthew refuses to purchase an insurance for Sam. Actually, Matthew is not a good man either. He was in prison two years ago.  

Fanny is a social worker for Matthew. In a triad revenge activities, Matthew wanted to lift up his knife to kill somebody, he remembered Fanny's advice and stopped his action.  

Matthew was arrested and was only sentenced to two years' imprisonment as he did not kill anyone. After his discharge from prison, he lost contact with Fanny. Later, he found her. To his surprise, Fanny has become addicted to drugs….Being a rascal with no future, will he make up his mind to turn over a new leaf, or will he allow himself to do whatever he wants to ruin his life?