Deals with the Dark

Production Year: 2003
  Director: Leung Hung Wah

Cast: Sam Lee, Ronnie Cheung , Samuel Leung, Jenny Yam, Sharon Chan, Law Lan
Genre: An educational thriller


Ming, Dragon and Darkie, three rascals, are evading their enemies.  Besides, they cannot pay back money to loan-sharks. Being hopeless, they seek help from gods.  After that, strange things happen.  All of them have great luck.  All things seem to go well.  Very soon, they have earned a lot of money.

One day, Dragon’s younger sister fell from height and died with no cause.  This seems to be an alarm for the three of them. Ming feels that the more luck they have, more strange things will follow.  Ming’s girlfriend, Sandy, advises them that the one with whom they did a deal is not a god but a ghost.  Probably, it is a wicked ghost.  It is common that ghosts give you wealth in exchange for your life. This does not influence Darkie, he prefers money to his own life. Finally......he was chopped to death.