Following You Loving You

Production Year: 2003

Producer: Tony Leung Hung Wah
Director: Tony Leung Hung Wah
Cast: Kenny Bee, Chan Tsz Ching, Tong Po Yu
Genre : Legendary love story (TV feature)


In 1992, Amy Lo’s husband named Ma took his wife and two sons, together with a large amount of money, to Malaysia to take up their abode for he had no faith in Hong Kong’s political situation after 1997. Ma started his real property business in Malaysia. However, three years later, Ma died in a car accident. His two sons continued his business and married with two Malaysian girls, Ruth and Wah. Ruth is an orphan. She has had nightmares since she was little, so she has lived in horror.

A few years later, Amy Lo’s two sons died one after the other. Malaysia experienced an economic recession. Lo lost all her money. In despair, she decided to return to her home, Hong Kong. Wah left, only Ruth followed her.  She accepted poverty. She left her homeland and came to Hong Kong with her mother-in-law. She feels that Lo is kind and upright. After a lapse of ten years, everything has changed in Hong Kong due to the global economic crisis. They are very poorly off…