The Assailant

Production Year: 2002
  Director: Leung Hung Wah

Cast:Wong Hop Hi、Lai Yiu Cheung、Che Yuen Yuen
Genre:A killer’s story


An antique collector, Li Woon Tat, met a traffic accident and was admitted into hospital.  He was in a coma.  Li Woon Tat has no relative except a nephew called Li Man Tik. Man Tik is extremely concerned about his accident because what he cares about is his property and inheritor. When he discovers that he  is the second heritor, he decides to get rid of the first one.  He has found a killer, Torsion, to fulfill his wish.  Torsion’s target is a Taiwanese male called Wong Yeuk Ming and his reward is HK$500,000.
Torsion has sent his gun to Taiwan in a secret way. However, it seems that the target subject already disappeared about seven years ago.  

Now, a week has past, he begins to worry about where to find his target.  In the target place, Yeung Mei, he came to know a girl called Mei Fan, a simple and straight girl.  At first, he just wants her to help him find the target. Yet, later on, he is impressed by her sincerity, which is hard to find in this material world. Torsion has found out that, most probably, Wong Yeuk Ming is the head of a community caring organization, ‘Hope Community Services Centre’ and believes that Wong has disguised as the head of that organization.  He aims at accomplishing his task after he has confirmed his identity.  So, he approaches the organization to contact him as a journalist.