Probation Order

Production Year: 2013

Movie “PROBATION ORDER電影【澀青 298-03


Genre: Dramatic ( a representation of a real event)

 Producer: Jamie Luk Kim Ming (a veteran Director, 

                Producer of Movie Blood Brothers)

                 Tony Leung Hung Wah (a veteran Director/Producer/Movie Distributor)

 Production Consultant: Lawrence Wong Ka Hee (Production Director of Shaw Brothers (HK) Ltd.)

 Executive Administrator: Roy Cheung

 Executive Producer: Angus Chan 

 Director: Tony Leung Hung Wah

 Executive Director: Lui Ka Wah

 Action Director: James Ha

 Screenplay: Leung Hung Wah & ‘Hong Kong Energy Performing Arts’ Scriptwriting Group


Starring: Liu Kai Chi, Hanjin Tan, Candy Lo

 Special Presentation: Rainbow Fong, Tinky Lam, Eureka Mok, Mio Lam, Ceci Fung , Mak Tsz Long

Co-starring: Edward Chui, Jeana Ho, Kevin Li, Ryan Lam ,Panther Chan, Dominic Ho

Guest Starring: Michelle Yim, Sidney Yim, Patrick Lui, Kellyjackie, Lam Chiu Wing, James Ha


Director of Photography: Derek Wan Man Kit (H.K.S.C.) (awarded ‘The Best Photography’ 

                                     trophy by U.S. Philadelphia Film Festival

 Original Music: Liu Kwok Wing (Music Supervisor of Movie ‘Life Without Principle’)

 Editor: Wong Wing Ming (H.K.S.E.) (awarded ‘The Best Editing’ trophy with Movie ‘Lifeline’ by the 17th ‘HKFA’ )

 Art Director: Denton Chan Wai Shu


Produced by   Tony Leung Hung Wah/ Hao She Yong

 Presented by   Times Production Limited /Star Alliance Movies (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. 

 Production      Times Production Ltd.


Production Period: Pre-production June-September 2013

 Production September-November 2013

 Theatrical Release: July 2014 in Hong Kong

Synopsis (A representation of a real event)

In criminal law, law-breakers especially young people who are released on probation instead of serving time in prison and are being supervised by Probation officers, thus like being fitted out with a little bell, which signals their whereabouts to officials.
If being bad is being evil, hell will have a full house!
‘apm café’ ,a 24-hour café,  probably as the café has no liquor license, people gather here are mostly aged from 15 to 23 who are on probation.  The café owner is Nick.  He was a social worker five years ago, yet he quitted this job suddenly and opened this café.  The story begins at a five-year anniversary party of the café.  Yet, someone is drinking wine tonight!
Nick and his younger brother Godwin are social workers, yet their characters are different.  Nick is mature and conscientious.  He hopes that the defiant youth whom he has been looking after will become good.  Godwin is timid.  He simply cares about doing his own part..
Five years ago, they both needed a large sum of money for an operation on their mother.  Carl and his gang robbed someone and took money to Nick but Nick refused to accept and asked them to report to the police.  However, they preferred returning the money to the owner secretly but got caught by the police.  And Nick’s mother died as Nick had no money for the operation.  He quitted job as a social worker.
Tinky admires Godwin who is responsible for her well-being.  Rainbow, Angie, Keith, Tung and Queen are Tinky’s friends.  They are all line steppers.  And, Angie was put into a drug detention centre for drug-trafficking.
Tung and Keith are boys.  They two want to change sex.  Keith is homosexual.  He loves Sam and so wants to become a girl.  Tung hates being a boy.  Both Keith and Tung love Sam and Tung also wants to become a girl for Sam as Sam has always been on his side.
Keith’s friends want to raise money for his sex operation.  Tinky has thought of a way and that is to take turns to rob friends’ homes. Thus, Keith has got enough money for his operation in Thailand. Yet, as Tung feels depressed about having no money for her sex operation, Keith gives her money and lets her have it first.
On one occasion, Tinky saw Brother Lung of the Triad give his wife a pink diamond ring in their wedding celebration, and saw her have her ring left in a lavatory.  Tinky takes it away out of her greediness.  Later on, in his great anger, Brother Lung offers a bounty to get back the ring.
Tinky wants to sell the ring for money and seeks help from Godwin, but Godwin reports it to the police.  Worse still, Brother Lung has learnt of it too.
Rainbow accompanied Tinky to meet Godwin, yet were followed by Brother Lung.  Tinky has got nowhere to go and decides to return the ring to Brother Lung. As Tinky repents for it, Lung’s wife forgives her.  However, to Tinky’s surprise, the ring is a fake one.  Rainbow had it traded for drugs for her drug business.
In fear, Rainbow and Tinky go to Nick for help.  In Nick’s café, Nick protects Rainbow and Tinky when Brother Lung arrives. Unexpectedly, Lung’s wfe finds that Nick did a good deed to her.  As five years’ ago, Brother Lung’s wife was not married yet and she intended to take money to save her friend.  She was robbed and the  robbers were Carl and his gang.  As Nick refused to accept the money for his mother’s operation, the money was returned to her and her friend then got saved.  She rewarded Nick and thus Tinky was released.  Nick finally realizes that his decision of not getting the money was right and now he has got the reward.
Now, each of these marginal youngsters has turned good and all join together to celebrate the opening anniversary of Nick’s Café.


In criminal law, law-breakers especially youth who are released on probation are being supervised by Probation Officers.


If being bad is being evil, hell will have a full house!

In an 'apm Cafe', a round-the-clock cafe, perhaps as this cafe has no liquor license, people gathering here are mostly youngsters. The owner 'Lap' was a social worker 5 years ago. 

However, he quitted his job one day and opened this cafe. 

Lap is a former certified social worker experienced in dealing with rebellious teenagers and helping them to change, while Fruit, Lap’s younger brother, an in-service social worker, is relatively backward and prudent within his duty.

Tinky is one of the probationers that Fruit works with and she has a bunch of problem friends from drug addict, gay to trans-gender. Driven by their need of money to makes wishes come true, Tinky helps scheme a series of tacit thefts between friends. She even steals a precious diamond ring in Bro Lung’s, a gangster head, wedding anniversary banquet and is finally let out to and threatened by its owner. However, under the protection of Lap, an untold story changes the difficult situation and every young person’s life...