Production Year: 2018
  Executive Producer: Leung Hung Wah
Director: Hor Chi Leung

Movie Genre: An Epic Action-packed Thriller based on the era of the 15th century Malacca


"Admiral" - Movie Synopsis Overview


The Year – 1403 and the Ming Dynasty had just begun its 3,000 miles to the south of the Celestial Kingdom, another kingdom which was also in its infancy. Located strategically between the treasures of the East and the riches of the West, herein lies the jewel of a port city called – Malacca – and its young warrior prince, Megat Iskandar. In that same period, there emerged the greatest mariner and sea admiral in China's history – Admiral Zheng He. A genius of a strategist, astrologist and a warrior,yet also a man of peace and reconciliation and the Chinese Emperor's closest and most trusted confidant. The two different kingdoms separated by a vast ocean which would be inexorably joined together by a common destiny of their two leaders whose worlds would soon collide together and change the course of history for their empires.

Admiral Zheng He brought back treasures from kingdoms far away as well as forging diplomatic and trade ties for the Emperor. In the 7 voyages of Zheng He, he could sail accurately around the globe because of his use of the sophisticated ancient Chinese compass, a vital instrument with directional points to calculate the longitude and latitude using 50 stellar observation lines. The greatest armada of ships known to mankind was the Treasure Fleet, made up of 317 war and merchant ships with approximately 28,000 sailors that sailed in perfect unison and precise formation in which no single ship strayed and left the mother ship – Zheng He's ship.

The young Megat Iskandar and his equally young kingdom of Malacca was in grave danger of falling into the hands of Chen Zuyi – the most notorious cutthroat pirate of the China seas. A growing alliance between Megat and Zheng He resulted in the Treasure fleet destroying the pirates in a great naval battle. Malacca grows in importance as a major trade and diplomatic centre after all enemies are contained through the help of Zheng He. A bond of friendship grows too between Megat and the Admiral with Imperial China providing protection to the city in exchange for tributes to its Emperor.

A new threat grows for Malacca and it builds from the north from the giant Ayudhya army on elephants. A new strategy of defending the city by constructing giant walls with guarded entrances is employed with European expertise from Manuel, a Portuguese adventurer and help later on by Zheng He's forces with local warrior prince Megat Iskandar visionary. A great land battle for the city of Malacca rages on for months between Megat's defence force and the invading Ayudhya army where the walls of the city are almost breached. With the help of Zheng He, the enemy is forced back and ultimately defeated in a fierce and heroic battle.

Peace at last for Malacca as it overcomes all enemies desiring to colonise this strategic port city. Manuel however inadvertently ushers in a new invading force from the West to Malacca in the years to come...




CL Hor began his love affair with beautiful visuals as an advertising creative director and art director. His well-crafted works have led him to many award winning campaigns and revealed him as an innovative ad guy with eye for dramatic visual.

Hor began his ad career in J. Walter Thompson in 1986 before he moved on to join Bates Malaysia as Group CD and later assumed a regional role with O&M International, Hong Kong as Regional ECD in 1995. His passion and love for commercial and film directing grew after he was discovered by Hugo Chan Production Ltd (Hong Kong), an international commercial production house and the content provider for Hong Kong TVB Broadcast Ltd. Since then, Hor's involvement in the film industry has not turned back. His good sense of humor lifted what seem to be the most mundane scenes to greater heights of exquisite humanity.

Hor directed his 1st art film, 'The 3rd Generation' in 2006. He garnered nine (9) awards for the movie at 12 different film festivals over 3 years. At the 2007 Shanghai Film Fest, the film was chosen as a thesis film for Beijing Film School.

In 2008, Hor directed his 2nd movie 'Four Dragons aka Kinta 1881'. The movie has successfully broken into the US & European markets through movie distributors – Lionsgate & CinemaVault.

In 2010, his Malay action thriller movie 'HAQ' that won the Best Screenplay in the 23rd Malaysian Film Festival was screened on silver screen in the Middle East, making him the first Malaysian film director who penetrated the middle-eastern market.

In 2011, Hor directed the movie 'The Loan Shark' with cross-over artistes from Hong Kong, China and Malaysia. The movie has seen his Malaysian female cast winning the Best Newcomer Female Actress Award at The 8th HK Neo Reviews Film Awards (2011 Hong Kong Releases) and the Most Promising Actress award in the 25th Malaysian Film Festival. The movie was also screened in 5 districts in China.

Indeed Hor is notable for his strong directing skill, able to reach deep into the actors' psyches and bring out the deepest of emotions. His renowned trademark across his movies is his eye for aesthetic details.

With all these accolades under his belt, he is poised to take the nation by storm with his movies and future production.