Production Year: 2009

This 31-episode HDTV Serial 'Pandamen'  is directed by Jay Chow.  Jay, Pop star-turned director,  held a press conference in Beijing on 18 Feb 2009 that he will produce, direct and act in this sci-fi TV Serial titled 'Pandamen' as he thinks Chinese people lack a superhero who can rival Spiderman and Batman, so he is determined to create two, not one, Panda-men.

'Pandamen' depicts two future superheroes in the year 2030 who fight to protect the city they live in.  And Jay, who is also an actor, will appear in the drama, not as the pandaman, but as the Sheriff.


Director: Jay Chow

Cast: Jay Chow, Yuhao Zhan, Devon Song, Jessie Chiang, Jerry Yan, Wilber Pan, Shawn Yue, Eric Tsang, Tang Yan


Pandamen is a life story of two Panda-masked heroes executing poetic justice hand-in-hand with a Sheriff named Jay somewhere in the City  in the future, accompanied with the romance happened on these two heroes, Panda Superman (Xi En) and Panda Heroic (Onion), whose girlfriends are, respectively, Yu Chen and Lin En. The knight-errant images of these two Pandamen are polished every time when they maintain justice, fight against the evil and keep the peace.


The story begins with the fight between Panda Superman and gangsters who attack a cash truck.


In the sunlight through the stained glass of a beautiful gothic church, Xi En swears silently. “I’ll keep the peace of the world, in the name of justice.”


The police arrive at the scene soon after receiving the report that a cash truck was intercepted. The gangsters who tried to loot the truck are all brought under control by Panda Superman in advance already. Watching Panda Superman leaving riding the Panda Motorcycle, Sheriff Jay is lost in thought.


At the gate of the conservatory, the Principal, Xi En, Yu Chen and the children greet a new teacher named Shuai Ange, who later becomes not only the colleague of Yu Chen and Xi En, but also the rival in love against Xi En.


Sheriff Jay learns the stature and vanguard garb of Panda Superman and begins to suspect that Panda Superman isn’t of the friendly kind. Thus he gets down to looking into the identity and background of Panda Superman.


Panda Heroic shows up at a roadside soup booth and stops Qianhu, Alang and others from beating the boss of the booth. Panda Heroic’s weird dressing arouses the curiosity of the passers-by.


At a wharf by the sea, Sheriff Jay and his men are engaged in a gunfight with ex-serviceman Lame Tiger who was formerly a special force member. Lame Tiger is arrested in the end, which foreshadows the future opposition between the two people.