TV Serial 'Romance in Big Cities'

Production Year: 2008


Director: Lui Ka Wah

Screenplay: Cheung Lai Ling 

Cast: Cui Lin, Jin Sha, Kenneth Tsang, Jiao Jiao, Ko Hung, Guo Keyu, Angie Cheong, Lin Ji, Ng Meng Hui, Melvin Sia.



The Grand Hotel Shanghai is a supreme five-star hotel which is a family enterprise belonging to the China Group. Following the death of the President of the Group, Mr Yeung Chun Mak, his wife Fong Sheung Wah (Jiao Jiao) has taken up the post of the President. Her beloved daughter Yeung Tin Hing (Guo Keyu) has devoted herself wholeheartedly in assisting her mother to manage the hotel. With the help of the efficient head manager Ching Kai Lai, the three women have managed the hotel excellently. Meanwhile, the successor of the Group, her only son Yeung Tin Ho (Cui Lin) has finished his studies and is about to come back from abroad.

A country girl Mang Siu Huen (Jin Sha) comes to Shanghai to cure her younger brother's disease. While in Shanghai, Siu Huen meets a miracle-working doctor Chun Lo (Kenneth Tsang). She is so pleased about it and she finds a cleaning job in a hotel. Unexpectedly, in this hotel, she meets the young master Yeung Tin Ho...

Having finished his studies in Switzerland, Tin Ho is eager to introduce the advanced environmental protection principles into the hotel. While this is in progress, two undesirable customers come to the hotel, one is the proprietor of a Hong Kong logistics company Cheung Ka Sing (Melvin Sia) and the other is Chan Leung (Ko Hung) who is the personal assistant of the deceased Yeung Chun Mak. These two people have kept a big secret about the China Group which may eventually ruin the Group...And, an unhappy woman So Tan Hung appears... putting  members of the Group to a difficult position adding to many a setback.The love between the youngsters have also developed into disputes...