Blue Moon Story

Production Year: 2008

Director: Lui Ka Wah
Cast: Patrick Tam, Yumiko Cheng, Don Li, Angie Cheung
Genre: Romance


Under the same sky, two girls with the same name have changed their fates when they meet their loves.  Although both of the girls are of different background and characters, yet they find their perfect match on a blue moon night.

Mang Siu Huen, a girl from a rich family in Hong Kong, has been the admirer of a Shanghai wunderkind Tong Mau Wah. She comes to Shanghai to look for Tong secretly without her father’s knowledge.  Actually, the love between them has deteriorated.

The son of the owner of the China Hyatt Hotel Group, Yeung Tin Ho, has completed his studies in Switzerland and returned to Shanghai.  On his way to join the 10th Anniversary feast of the Shanghai Hyatt, he met the poor girl Mang Siu Huen while she was taking her younger brother to Shanghai for medical treatment.  A misunderstanding arose when they met, yet fate puts them together …

The poor girl Mang has just taken up the job as a Room Assistant in Yeung’s hotel.  Meanwhile, out of Yeung’s foolhardiness, the workers go on strike against him.  Being a major set-back to Yeung, he got drunk in the street but was saved by Mang.  Mang’s kindhearted and optimistic deposition appeals to Yeung greatly and thus ends the differences between them.

The rich girl Mang also stays in the same hotel and she has employed a private attendant So Wai to take care of her in order that her stay there is kept in secret.  One day, having a failure in love, she has almost dropped from height accidentally.  However, she is saved by Wu Hok Lai.  Wu is a handsome boy who seems to be Mang’s angel to save her.  Wu listens to Mang’s story patiently and eases her pain.  Wu’s appearance even makes Mang set aside her love for Tong.

On the other side, when Yeung and Mang are in love, suddenly a rich Malaysian girl Yip Tan comes to Shanghai.  Yip studied with Yeung when she was in Switzerland and has opened an organic farm  with Yeung.  Yip makes Mang leave Yeung…

One day, So Wai discoveres that Wu is a love swindler employed by Tong to steal Mang’s heart to set Tong himself free.  Unexpectedly,Wu really falls in love with Mang.  Tong is infuriated and tells Mang  the identity of Wu…

On a Blue Moon night,the two pairs of lovers meet again to keep the pledge they made before separation,  Now, under the same sky, irrespective of their background and whereabouts, they meet to watch the blue moon together as destiny takes its course…