The Tokyo Trial

Production Year: 2006

Director: Gao Qunshu
Cast: Damain Lau Chung Yan, Kenneth Tsang, Ken Chu, Kelly Liu, Tse Kwan Ho, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Bai Xueyun
Genre: Court Trial Drama


After the WWII, Japan is in the ruin, 1945. A century trial is launched with the world focus. USA. U.K., Soviet Russia, France, Australia, Netherlands, India, Philippine. The judgers of all of countries go to Tokyo at top speed.

China is suffered the loss in the WWII. Therefor selected the lawyer wizard – Mei Ruao to attending the trial.

The reporter of “Dagong paper” Xiao Nan is charge of the news of the trial. The hate of the country and home, made him pain on his heart. Japan was his yearn place in the past years. But he cannot find out his love classmate  Fang Zi  before the WWII. Even if met her, what is he doing again?

Fang Zi also is a reporter, and lost her home and parents in the war. Now she and her brother hideo lives in Kitano yuuiqi’s home. Hideo retired and came from China, his spirit was border on collapse. When he met Xiao Nan, there is a feeling of suffering and sorrowful lightening in his eyes. A conflict happened between Kitano yuuiqi and Xiao Nan, due to different thinking for the war. The century trial was launched finally.

Attorney general Kinan come out, and readout the prosecuting file. This “devil prosecuting attorney” always be strong, rapid and high pressure attitude. Meanwhile, one of war criminals Oogawa showed difference, he doff his footgear, running at the nose, twisting up his feet. Suddenly he hit on the Hideki toujyo’s head. And the court in an uproar. Oogawa cried “strangulating Hideki tojyo . The court is in disorder......