A Disguised Superstar

Production Year: 2004

Director: Yun Qiao
Cast: Miriam Yeung, S.H.E., Chan Ming Chun, Wong On
Genre: A dramatic story with theme song ‘Superstar’ by S.H.E.


A superstar singer Yiu is detained in Malaysia.  The making of his music video is in progresss, so his agent Hung and colleague Ho are busily looking for a man to pass him off as Yiu.  By chance, they meet a music teacher Cheng who has just been fired.  Cheng resembles Yiu much in looks, so he is asked to represent Yiu.

After Cheng has done the job, he is invited to work in a new art school.  He comes to know a few teachers and decides to plan out something great for the school with them.  Meanwhile, his students, Hebe and Selina, like to play tricks on him with the other classmates.  

Despite this, the teachers are all enthusiastic in giving their lectures, yet they have changed their ways of teaching.  Cheng shows the students how much the scientific knowledge nowadays  have affected the principles for music production and creation. Thus, the students gain back confidence from the teachers.  For the very first time, Hebe smiles cheerfully......