The Next Magic 

Production Year: 2011


Executive Producer: YEH Jufeng

Director: Cho Li

Cast: Eric QIN Hao, Monica MOK, Cecilia LIU,

         PU Xi Zhi, YANG Yo-ning, TANG Chen-kang, Lynn LU

Special Guest: CHANG Kuo-chu, Bill CHAN

Genre: Drama

Length: 115 mins


Rocky is a young man who’s unable to graduate from high school, and who’s also suffering from depression. His problems put subsequently a strain on his relationship with his father and this make Rocky to live on his own. One day, Rocky finds an opportunity working for Mr. Chen as a salesman. He falls in love with Mr. Chen’s mistress, May, who sparks his determination to become the top sales clerk in the company. Rocky slowly gets a taste of success but has blindly neglected his supportive team partner, Jiayi.


But suddenly, the company is accused of fraud and Mr. Chen is on the run, taking May with him. Rocky pours his heart out while trying to salvage things, but May rejects him with these harsh words… “Ten years later, you still have nothing”. May’s words become a driving force for Rocky to find success. His goal one day is to hold a speech for 50,000 people in Shanghai. He works hard and establishes his own company with his 4 best friends


On the eve before the Shanghai speech, the company’s hard work is about to pay off, but Rocky receives a text message from May. Despite everyone’s opposition, Rocky is determined to fly distant to find May. Rocky truly believes he can make up his time and make magic happen, while the Shanghai speech awaits him…