The Patriot Yue Fei

Production Year: 2011

Large-scale historic warfare HDTV Serial in Ancient Chinese Costume (69 episodes)


Executive Producer: Stanley Tong

Director: Guk Gaau Leung (Water Margin 2010)

Music Director: Emil Wakin Chau


Huang Xiaoming as Yue Fei, Lin Xinru, Zheng Peipei together with Gallen Lo Ka-leung, Viann Zhang Xinyu, Wu Xiubo, Ringo Yu Rongguang, Cui Lin, Allen Ting.


The Patriot Yue Fei (March 24, 1103 – January 27, 1142)

'Yue Fei' is a famous Chinese patriot and military general who is best known for leading the defense of the Southern Song Dynasty against invaders from northern China, the Jurchen armies of the Jin Dynasty. 


Since his death, Yue Fei has been regarded by the whole Chinese as a patriot and national hero and Yue Fei has also evolved into the standard epitome of loyalty in Chinese culture.



Synopsis of The Patriot Yue Fei

In the last years of the Northern Song Dynasty, the central region was being invaded by the Liao Dynasty, causing the people fallen into difficult times. Emperor Huizong turned a blind eye to the political affairs, which led to the discontent of Yue Fei, the captain of a “brave warriors” team. With only 800 warriors, Yue Fei’s army, including Zhang Xian, Niu Gao, Xu Qing and Wang Gui, returned with triumph, demonstrating that fighters in the Sony Dynasty were a lot tougher than the enemy could ever imagine.


Jin Wuzhu soon led his army to raid the territory once again, sieging Bianjing, capital of the Northern Song Dynasty. Yue Fei thus joined the old commander Zong Ze to defend against the intruders. When Yue Fei was about to set off, his mother, Madam Yue, made a tattoo on his back with the characters“Jin Zong Bao Guo”(serve the country with supreme loyalty) as her support and inspiration towards him.


As Emperor Yuizong understood that his army was no match for the invaders, he hastily decided to abdicate his throne to his son Zhao Huan as Emperor Qinzong. The force of the Later Jin Dynasty surrounded Bianjing, resulting in an extreme situation. Zhao Gou, Emperor Qin Zong’s younger brother, who exceled in both the pen and the sword, was aided by a treacherous minister Qin Hui to usurp Qin Zong’s power. Such scheme was suppressed by Yue Fei, who was then at enmity with Qin Hui and Zhao Gou. Zhao ascended the throne at Jiankang as Emperor Gaozong, the first Emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty.


When Jin Wuzhu’s troop seiged Xinxiang, Yue Fei’s army marched into the mountain area and drew the swords against Jin’s powerful troop with the guerilla stragegies. Two months after, Yue Fei’s guerillas lacked food and reinforcement, forcing themselves to eat the invader’s flesh and drink their blood. Fortunately, Yue Fei’s wife Li Wa found General Liang Xing to transport the food onto the mountain, helping the entire army secure a safe retreat.


The Jin army conquered Jiankang with the imperial tomb raided. Yue Fei joined forces with his elder son, Yue Yun, to defeat Jin Wuzhu. However, Qin Hu was secretly in contact with Jin Wuzhu, offering him the map of Huang Tian Dang’s water channel, which enabled Wuzhu to retreat overnight.


After the triumph wth 6 commanderies recaptured, Yue Fei was awarded “The Patriot Yue Fei” flag by Emperor Gaozong, who admire his army as superior.


At the end of the 11th year of Shaoxing era, Emperor negotiated peace again with the Jin Dynasty. Their Emperor replied stating the mandatory condition: killing Yue Fei. This in turn gave an excuse to Qin Kui to eliminate him.


Qin Kui first sentenced Zhang Xian and Yue Yun to torture. Yue’s army determined to break into jail on the new year’s eve, but was discovered by Qin Kui, who finally decided to hurriedly sentenced him to hanging. Yue Fei cried to the sky saying “Tian Ri Zhao Zhao”(Where is justice?) before his glorious death for sacrifice.


Yue Fei finally died at 39. Qui Kui immediately sentenced Zhang Xian and Yue Yun to death the next afternoon. Yue Fei’s little daughter, Yue Yinping, threw herself into a well and destroyed herself. His wife Li Wa, along with a hundred of the clan members, were exiled to a desolate region for more than a decade and struggled to survive.


On the last month of the 25th year of Shaoxing era…


Qin Kui and his people walked towards a plaza, when Liang Xing suddenly appeared and ordered to kill him. Qin Kui’s son carried him on his back and broke out of the encirclement. Qin Kui returned to his mansion before he had a nightmare, in which Yue Yinping was going to take his life. He was terrified and soon dead. Statues of such evil man and his son were since built in Yue Fei Temple to kneel before Yue Fei, the historical patriot.