Banshee in 3D

Production Year: 2018

Genre: Time-shift thriller in ancient Chinese costume

Producer: Leung Hung Wah, Luk Kim Ming

Screenplay: Ho Chun

Director: Luk Kim Ming

Action Choreographer: Yuen Bun

Cast: Liu Shishi, Ko Chen Tung, Wu Jing




A brutal slaughter happened in a temple. With all of Yan Chixia's efforts, she was still no match against Black Mountain Demon, who was about to kill Ning Caichen and Xiaoqian in front of Chixia.


Knowing that Chixia has a time-shifting relic, and because of his selfless love for Xiaoqian, Ning Caichen requested Chixia to send him back 1,000 years to prevent Black Mountain Demon from existing, as well as stopping the fact that Xiaoqian was killed by Black Mountain Demon. However, Chixia strongly refused it as this would lead to negative impacts on time sequence and the cause and effect relationship, which is a serious violation of Tao; in addition, the effect of doing so was still yet


Desperate for love, Caichen stole the relic and decided to take the risk. He successfully took himself back 1,000 years to the Zhenguan Era of Tang Dynasty.


Knowing that she could not defeat Black Mountain Demon, Chixia fled to the inferno along with Xiaoqian and bribed the generals, who offered her 4 hours of inferno time, which is equivalent to 1,000 years of the living world.


Chixia had to rush to the Zhenguan Era in the hopes of ceasing Black Mountain Demon to exist, restraining Caichen from interfering with Tao as well as rescuing Xiaoqian, who was still staying in the inferno, waiting for her final escape.